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R-technology is suitable for all types of workpieces.

Revolving Coating Technology, R-Technology and Explosion-proof Coating Robot SWAN Pro

The coating video of the door handle has been posted. Takubo-TVJ

Revolving Coating Test by coating robot, LINE DANCER.

The coating video of the glasses frame has been posted. Takubo-TVJ

Revolving coating test by coating robot, SWAN Pro

TURRET GUN lineup for SWAN Pro

Multi-gun attachment for coating robot SWAN Pro

DRY TEC can be equipped with Explosion Vent

DRY TEC is an oven dedicatedly for coating

FAQ of Small-sized Explosion-proof AC Servo Motor

The questions and answers frequently asked about AC servo motor have been posted.

OIL BOOTH with partition plate for manual coating

OIL BOOTH TB36-23BS has been posted.

OIL BOOTH for low ceiling at work place

OIL BOOTH for low ceiling TB17-12BS has been posted.

Example of Large-size drying oven has been posted. DRY TEC

Suitable for large size workpieces DRY TEC, large-size drying oven special order batch-type

Wide 4200mm OIL BOOTH for manual

TB42-20B for manual OIL BOOTH has been posted

DRY TEC Drying oven special-order has been posted.

Large work components compatible GO-type multi-point generation type Exhaust heat recovery type hot air dryer

Trolley line compatible Linde-type Drying oven has been posted. DRY TEC

Large-scale work components compatible DRY TEC, drying oven for line type

New development of 3-liquid Precise Mixing System

Public release at 1st Paint & Coatings EXPO, 2018 (in MAKUHARI MESSE)

New introduction of Hose-less Gun

Connecting Spray Gun and Pouch to be displayed at PAINT & COATINGS EXPO

Net coating is also possible with SWAN robot

SWAN-Pro of Revolving Coating (R-technology) is also possible to make a net coating (straight line coating)

Notice of price revision with partial specifications revision

Cable length for Super Small-sized Explosion-proof AC Servo Motor has changed

New development of Rotation and Revolution Attachment

Suitable for Cosmetics related parts coating by SWAN-Pro

Coating robot equipped with Syringe pump

SWAN-S, suitable for automatic conveyor line (Tact feed)

Explosion-proof type coating robot "SWAN-Pro" Debut

New SWAN robot has come out as SWAN-Pro

Presentation of SWAN-Pro and SWANIST (in Japan)

Paint Show organized by NCC Co., Ltd. in AZUMINO, NAGANO

SWAN Robot has been newly established

New category of SWAN Robot has been established in the coating robots.

Renewal of the page for outside mirror coating system

4 items including Robot, Jig and R-technology are added

We have put together the idea of teaching-assist.

We have been considering the way robot teaching is.

Coating Test, LINE DANCER with Rotary Atomization Bell-type Electrostatic Gun

R-technology plus Bell-type Gun, higher efficiency by Electrostatic Gun

New development of Cross Gun (4-gun) for 4-coating

4 coatings by one robot, installing at LINE DANCER

Coating Robot, SWAN, is systemized.

One set of all necessary equipment for coating

Inkjet-decoration system video is uploaded.

Inkjet, In-line Decoration system, JET LINE is released.

SWAN robot video is uploaded

Explosion-proof coating robot, SWAN

Renewal of the coating robot page

Coating robots are classified by use

New Explosion-proof Coating Robot, SWAN, is now on sale

Trying to reduce the running cost for coating

SWAN robot is useful for every kind of situation.

Flexible for any systems to meet required number of color change or production volume

Evolved Coating Robot

We would like to recommend you to introduce an evolved coating robot, SWAN.

Home Page of SWAN, Coating Robot, has been opened

We are pleased to show you a Trial Coating by SWAN.  Japanese edition

SWAN, New-type Coating Robot, was born

New type machine following R-Technology, equipped with W-Turn

Page for Jet Line is now open.

The latest coating system developed by application of Ink-Jet technology

New development, Explosion-proof Syringe Pump

Lin-up of High Precision Coating Material Supply System with Explosion-Proof type

Turret Gun is up.

Gun unit to make 1 robot take 3 coatings

New page for new-type spray gun, R-11T, is now uploaded.

The smallest and lightest automatic spray gun in our Sukotti gun series

Smart Phone Coating System is now on TAKUBO WEB SITE.

Example of the 3-coating by 3-robot Coating System

DRYTEC has been partially renewed.

New features have been added.

Revision of the Page for Wheel Coating System

Partial correction of layout drawing for the coating robot

Renewal of Options Page

It is now much easier to see since Lineup is rearranged and enhanced.

Renewal of the Theme Zone on Top Page

Release Count Down in 2012 for Coating Robot, LINE DANCER

Latest Coating Robot, LINE DANCER

Newly Joining with Fully External Pressure Explosion-Proof Model

DRAGON LINE New Development

Coating Conveyor Line with Accumulate Mechanism

Mosscoat, new thermal barrier coating material, is now on TAKUBO website.

Dream coating material and panel with moss are now on lineup.

New Robot “Line Dancer” Newly Developed

World Maximum Grade of Coating Production Volume

Prototype of “Hose-less Robot” was exhibited.

Syringe Gun was exhibited at the same time.

Heat Exchanger of DRY TEC has been improved

Heat Exchange Rate has been improved to 85%

Mosscoat Panel – Test Execution

Coating of Moss on Steel Panel

The Page of Product Information has been updated.

3 Items including Coating Systems for Mobile Phones and Automotive Wheels

Debut – Coating System for Automotive Wheels

New Coating-Drying System, “Jou-lo”, was exhibited in Thermotec 2009 Japan

The Page of Coating System for Door Mirrors has been added and updated.

Simultaneous multiple coatings (up to 3) by only one robot. About 50% cut of material consumption.

The custom spray gun page has been updated.

Introducing the Sukotti gun series

TAKUBO Exhibits at SURTECH & Coating Japan 2006

DATASS-300 coating concept attracts attention of attendees.

TAKUBO Exhibits at 2005 International Robot Exhibition. New advances in compact coating robots for buttons and switches

Announcing an advanced new versions of the SOFTBOY PRO SS-type/SUPER SPINDLE SS (provisional name) compact robot with a completely upgraded design

Newly Developed Midsize 8-Gun SOFTBOY PRO

Mounts Up to Eight Guns
Midsize Coating Robot System Joins TAKUBO Product Lineup

Specifically for Coating Buttons and Switches, Newly Developed Coating Robot System

SOFTBOY PRO-SUPER SPINDLE SS Compact Robot for Highly Efficient, High-Quality, Low-Cost Coating of Buttons and Switches for Automobile Parts and Mobile Electronics Equipment

TAKUBO to Exhibit at SURTECH and Coating Japan Trade Show
Display and Announcement of DATASS-300

SURTECH and Coating Japan Trade Show
TAKUBO Exhibits at SURTECH and Coating Japan 2005

Shanghai, China— Exhibition Report SFCHINA2003 in Shanghai

SFCHINA2003, Shanghai
—16th China International Surface Finishing Exhibition

Exhibition Report International Robot Exhibition 2003—Tokyo

The 15th International Robot Exhibition 2003

Super Spindle 300C New Mobile Phone Handset Coating System

A costing system that employs R technology to achieve a high cost-performance ratio.

Data-Pro-Designed to Reduce Coating Costs

Custom Coating Data Creation Robot for Minimized Costs

A New Standardized System for Revolving Coating
That Aims to Reduce Costs

Data-Pro and 300SP System for Coating Mobile Phone Handsets

Paint Show 2002

Paint Show 2002 was held over three days, April 4 through 6, 2002, at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo. Takubo Engineering exhibited large, medium, and small coating robot systems in the Softboy Pro series to an enthusiastic reception from people in the industry.

Paint Show Exhibit

Super Spindle 4 and Bumper-Pro (provisional name) added to product lineup.

SOFTBOY/Data-Pro Lineup

A new addition to our lineup of cost-saving SOFTBOY coating data generation products.

SUPER SPINDLE3 Report on Exhibitions in China and Japan 1

2001 International Robot Exhibition
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Tokyo. Dates: November 13 to 16, 2001

SUPER SPINDLE3 Report on Exhibitions in China and Japan 1

SFCHINA2001 China International Surface Finishing and Coating Products Show
Venue: Shanghai, China Dates: November 14 to 16, 2001

Announcing SOFTBOY PRO NT/Super Spindle 3

Boosts production volume to three times that of previous systems.

Coating Management CD-ROM

a manual for persons responsible for coating management

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