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塗装道ページ アップデート

History of TAKUBO ENGINEERING 's technological development

New Year Greetings

We look forward to your continued guidance and patronage

Thank you for 2020

We look forward to your guidance and support for this year as well.

Doctor’s column has been updated.

Jig design makes coating cost effective

Innovation in the world of coatings.

The moment when the future becomes reality -----

The future will become reality.

I wish you a happy New Year.

Revolving Coating Jig for Door Handle

Automobile exterior parts, Revolving Coating Jig for Door Handle

TOSODO PAGES are renewed.


New Page of Q&A has been produced.

Q&A about Product and Service are described.

Revision of Video files

Vulnerability problem of Flash Player

Dynamic Proposal

A Happy New Year

TOSODO page in Chinese has been renewed.

Page about Technical History of Takubo Engineering in Chinese version

Updated the Dragon line.

World Lowest Running-Cost

Opening Line Dancer Brand-Site

The best standard for smart phone coating,

Version upgrade of the Mobile edition

Latest news has become much easier to understand.

Takubo Channel dedicated to Video has been established.

It is TAKUBO-TV for video only, in which you can see videos of our products such as coating robots.

Full-Scale Renewal of TAKUBO WEB SITE

More Speedy, Easier to watch and understand, and also More Careful Explanation, of Correct and Useful Information

Technical Agreement with Fungyu Group, China

Supplying SOFTBOYPRO for Automotive Parts Coating System

Technical Agreement with Main Science Machinery, Taiwan

Supplying SOFTBOYPRO for Mobile Phone Coating System

Top page of TAKUBO WEB has been updated

Introducing all of TAKUBO’s 2009 new technologies

Togane Technical Center Now Open!

On February 1, 2007, the Togane Technical Center (located in Togane, Chiba Prefecture) had its official opening.

We have redesigned the English, Chinese, and Korean pages of our Web site.

Now our customers worldwide can enjoy the same experience browsing our site.

TAKUBO Web Site Updated in January 2006

We’ve added a new column (Doctor’s Column) and a search system to make the Web site easier to use.

Sponsor: Coating Equipment Manufacturers Association of Japan 6th Technology Symposium

Coating Technology Essential to Survival, Part 3: Complying with VOC Regulations

Aiming for Half the Cost

Reducing the user’s coating cost by 50% is the aim of our development work.

New mascot character Introducing Dr. TAKUBO.

Dr. TAKUBO has his eyes on the future and is constantly thinking of new technological innovations.

ISO 14001 Certification Obtained

ISO 14001 Certification Obtained for Environmental Management System

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