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Outside Mirror(SOFTBOY PRO W-Turn 8top)

[ Outside Door Mirrors ]

Outside Mirror
This is a coating system exclusively for outside door mirrors, which is customized by our newest technology and also our techniques saved from a lot of experiences in the mobile phone coatings.
Image CG: Coating system for two kinds coating

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Image CG: Coating system for two kinds coating
Image CG: Coating system for two kinds coating

This new system makes it possible to reduce coating material consumption by 50% and also to achieve high quality and high brightness coatings. In addition, this new technology of robot system realized it that only one robot makes two kinds of coating simultaneously. Now you could enjoy a great cost reduction that was definitely impossible before.


Reduction of coating materials by approx. 50%

SOFTBOY PRO 8top provide you with a lot of merits such as 50% reduction of coating materials by a very thin multiple-layer coating with our original “R-technology”.

Difference of Jigs

Difference of coating system

Both of number of robots and width of booth become approx. 1/4. Large reduction of equipment costs.

In case of two kinds coating operation, you need 2 booths and 4 robots in a general system. With SOFTBOY PRO 8top, on the other hand, you need only one robot to do the same two kinds coating. The required space will be approx. 1/4 of the usual one, and also the consumption of coating materials will be reduced by approx. 50%.

Comparison of coating material consumption per 1 work piece between the conventional system and the new one (in our company’s products)

Comparison of equipments in case of two kinds coating operation

※The data about the coating material consumption, volume of production and others are based on our tests.
※The volume of production and the consumption of coating materials change depending on shapes, paints of the works and other conditions.SOFTBOY PRO never guarantees such numerical values.


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