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Electrical Dust Elimination System

The Air Jetter is a high-performance and compact dust removal and antistatic unit that rapidly removes dirt or fluff from the work.

The nonpolluting, energy efficient design uses an indoor air circulation system rather than an air compressor. It also eliminates static electricity that may have built up on the work pieces, making it ideal for use when coating work made of materials such as plastic. It is easy to control variables such as the air speed, and operation is simple. The effectiveness of the Air Jetter can be maximized by combining it with a clean room.

This unit is essential for high-quality and functional coating applications.


Removes dust and eliminates static electricity.

Quickly eliminates dirt, fluff, and static electricity from work.

Space-saving, energy-efficient design.

Packs a high level of functionality into a compact unit. The air circulation system is safe and economical.

Excellent complement to a clean room.

Enables high-quality and functional coating when combined with a clean room.

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions 1300 mm × 1900 mm × 1030 mm
Weight Approx. 300
Work Material Plastic parts  
Work dimensions Max. W 600 × D 600 × H 200  
Work Weight Max. 3 kg  
Pre-filter 30/30 to 610 × 610 × diameter 50 × 1 sheet (disposable)  
Main filter HEPA filter  
Conveyor Aluminum frame belt conveyor  
Sliding door Aluminum (with antistatic acrylic window), automatic vertically sliding door  
Power supply 3-phase, AC 200 V, 50/60 Hz  
Air source 5 kg/cm2  
Power consumption 1100W  
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