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Others Q&A(other questions and answers)

Questions and Answers regarding others are described.

We answer some other questions about TAKUBO ENGINEERING coating robot.
Q&A about some others including the original developed explosion-proof small-size motor, operation training of coating robot, jig or spare parts are described.


Questions about other products and services

  • Small-size explosion-proof motor
  • Operation training of coating robot
  • Rotation jig
  • Paint and Coating

Q&A about explosion-proof motor

Q. What kind of explosion-proof small motor does TAKUBO have?

Motor and amplifier (left), 600W and 200W (right)
Motor and amplifier (left), 600W and 200W (right)

A. Now 200W and 600W are available. And we can prepare those with Standard amplifier or Tiny positioner amplifier and so on. We can provide extension cable of 8m or connection box as option.

Q&A about training

Q. Is there any operation training for robot?

A. We hold operation training properly at TAKUBO ENGINEERING TOGANE Technical Center. Please contact us to make an application separately.

Q. Does TAKUBO have any teaching education program?

A. Robot training program of 3 days is set in installation of the equipment. If you want more separately, additional technical traing will be available.

General Q&A

Q. Does TAKUBO sell any single product except coating system?

A. TAKUBO is selling not only integrated system but also robot, booth, explosion-proof motor, syringe pump and some peripheral device as a single product. Also we are selling our original special products such as UV irradiation compact device.

Q. Is it possible to order any consumption parts to TAKUBO?

A. Yes, it is possible. Please contact us.

Q. Is it possible to ask TAKUBO for a consultation about jig design and jig production?

A. Since jig design is very important in the revolving coating, TAKUBO is in charge of designing. We are able to manage not only sample jig but also jig designing, production and teaching advice for all of the work components. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

Q. Is it possible to ask TAKUBO for a consultation about coating in general with paint?

A. Of course, yes, it is possible. We can give some advice about coating film quality, measures against dust defects, paint consumption volume, coating cost and also propose some total coating system.

Q. Is it possible to visit and see SWAN and other robots, and also is it possible to ask for a coating test?

SWAN robot system, TOGANE technical center
SWAN robot system, TOGANE technical center

A. At TOGANE technical Center, actual robot machines to be delivered are displayed. Also coating demonstration is available in the environment with clean room of Class 10,000. Not only watching but also coating demonstration for new models with new paints is available. We could make a proposal with jig designing.

Release date: July 4, 2017

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