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Mobile Phone 3C1R(SOFTBOY PRO W-Turn 6top)

[ Mobile Phones 3 Coatings by 1 Robot ]

Mobile Phone ABS PC
Coating system for small quantity and many kinds production where only one robot can make 3 coatings for mobile phone bodies.
Mobile phones 3 coatings by 1 robot Image CG

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Mobile phones 3 coatings by 1 robot Image CG
Mobile phones 3 coatings by 1 robot Image CG

Using special features of the world new ceiling suspended style, only one robot can make one to three coatings flexibly with multiple guns on the robot. Revolving coating, R-technology with high quality, and Syringe pump system with precious paint supply have been systematized. This is a compact coating system that can substantially reduce coating material consumptions compared to the conventional spindle coating.

Production capacity

Production capacity of 3 coat-lines by 1 robot for mobile phones. Example

Number of the work pieces per a ring 15pcs
Time of coating (3 rings) 45 sec.
Production volume per hour 1 coating: about 3,600 pieces
2 coatings: about 1,800 pieces
3 coatings: about 1,200 pieces

Simultaneous 3 ring-coating with 9 guns

Three rings with 15 work pieces per a ring are coated simultaneously spinning clockwise and counter-clockwise by robot control. The coating material control system, in which one robot has 9 guns, can substantially reduce any kinds of cost for color changes and preparations.

Miniaturization of facility

The usual required number of robots will be 1/3 because SOFTBOY PRO W-Turn 6top has one robot with multiple guns and can do 3 coatings by the robot. The long conveyer line will be also changed to a multistage style because of work handling by the automatic transfer robot.
The total facility will be miniaturized even though the system can manage 3 coating operation.

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