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Amplifier(Questions and Answers Regarding Servo Amplifiers)

Explosion-proof AC Servo Motor Q & A

Questions and answers related to Servo Amplifier are listed.
Questions and Answers Regarding Servo Amplifier for Explosion-proof AC Servo Motor
Questions and Answers Regarding Servo Amplifier for Explosion-proof AC Servo Motor

Q. What is the difference between the Standard Amplifier and the Tiny Positioner Amplifier ?

A. Basically, the amplifier receives signals from the outside and follows the signals.

The tiny positioner amplifier operates its external signal with the value of the internal parameter. Assuming that there is a device that reciprocates between A and B, in the case of a standard amplifier, it is necessary to give a pulse train signal from the outside. However, in the case of a tiny positioner amplifier, if you put the position data and speed of A and B in the internal parameters, you can move to point A if you select A with the external start signal and switching button, and move to point B if you select B. It works even if the pulse train signal is not given from the outside. Since the tiny positioner amplifier can set up to 64 fixed points,it is also possible to connect all the points and make one action.

Q. What is the operation mode of each control mode in the standard amplifier?

A. 【Current control】 (= torque control)
While speed control is constant speed and torque (force) changes, current control is constant torque and speed changes
. Therefore, in order to increase the speed to infinity when the torque is 0, the upper limit speed is set in advance as a parameter.
If you want to press with a certain force, or light torque is high speed, heavy torque is used in machines that you want to slow.

【Speed current position control】
It is used when you want to switch freely with external signals for speed, current and position with one device.

【Direct field】
This function is often used for transfer machines.
The four types of speed set in advance by parameters are switched with external signals and used.
It is used for transfer machines because it has many specific specifications.

【Draw control】
Draw control is often used for tension control, like a rolling mill and rolling wire, the line roll speed and the next roll speed are changed at a set ratio when the work passes between multiple rolls and rolls.
It is a control method that gives a tension.

Q. How does the model number of the amplifier change in response to DIO, CC-Link, the DeviceNet, the RS485, and PROFIBUS?

A. Amplifier type: :VL■SX - 0□□P2 - S◇A
The following characters will be input to the above amplifier type ■, □□, and ◇ according to the specifications of the amplifier.

・In the case of standard amplifier
  ■ :Standard amplifier→A
  □□:For 200W → 08, for 600W → 25
  ◇ :No options → X, VLBus → V, High-speed pulse → F, Analog → A

・In the case of NCBOY
  ■ :NCBOY→P
  □□:For 200W → 08, for 600W → 25
  ◇ :DIO → B, CC-Link → C, DeviceNet → D, RS485 → R, PROFIBUS → P

Q. Do you apply the torque limiter to the internal setting of the servomotor?

A. This is possible by setting the current limit value.

Publication date: June 10, 2019

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