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Explosion-proof AC Servo Motor Q & A

Motor-related questions and answers are listed.
Questions and Answers Regarding Motor Authentication
Questions and Answers Regarding Motor Authentication

Q. What is the resolution of the motor encoder?

A. Because it uses a 17-bit encoder, it becomes 1/131072.

Q.Is the flange shape of the speed reducer directly connected to the explosion-proof motor the same size as other motor manufacturers?

A. The connection between the explosion-proof motor and the reducer is specially sized.

Q. What is the number of pulses per revolution for a small explosion-proof AC servo motor?

A. Is 131072 pulses / rotation.

The small explosion-proof AC servomotor is equipped with a 17-bit serial absolute encoder, so the number of pulses per rotation is 131072 pulses / rotation. (200 W and 600 W will be the same)
※ It is described in the column of "Speed position detector" and "Position control _ number of divisions" in Chapter 11 of the "Engineering Handbook", Specification 11-P4.

Q. Can I select the output shaft key in the catalog?

A. Cannot select it.

Although it is a matter of selection of the motor output axis key existence, you cannot select it. (We have obtained explosion proof approval with the key groove existence.)
Although there is a key groove, please consider whether it can not be used by removing the key.

Q. The explosion-proof motor has no brake, but does not hold its position when the power is turned off?

A. With no brake, you can not hold the position with the power off.

Q. What is the response speed of the motor?

A. Response speed changes depending on load conditions.

For example, it is about 6 ms at no load JOG operation of NCBOY-80 (DIO specification).

Q. What is the value of power consumption when the motor is operated without load?

■ 200 W motor (amplifier X-008P2)
・Rated power consumption: 260 W (reference value) ・No-load power consumption: around 30 W (reference value)

■ 600 W motor (amplifier X-025P2)
・Rated power consumption: 750 W (reference value) ・No-load power consumption: around 30 W (reference value)

Publication date: June 10, 2019

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