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Syringe Pump

Questions and answers about Syringe Pump, the paint supply equipment, are described.

Q&A about Syringe Pump

Q. Is there any paint which is not possible to use for Syringe pump?

A. It is suitable for every kind of paint including 2K, 1K, Water-base, Baking, and so on except the paints with big aggregate material or powder.

Q. What is difference between Syringe pump and Diaphragm pump?

Explosion-proof Syringe Pump for 8 guns
Explosion-proof Syringe Pump for 8 guns

A. Syringe pump is very similar to the syringe structure. And it is possible to supply even small volume quantitatively and stably in controlling the cylinder by motor. Rotation speed of the explosion-proof servo motor can precisely control supply volume in 1cc unit. On the other hand, Diaphragm pump send paint by pressure of air operation. That is, only the air pressure supplies the paint. ※Explosion-proof Syringe Pump is manufactured only by TAKUBO.

Q. What is the feature of Syringe pump?

A. It important purpose is to make precise paint supply. Especially it is possible to change the discharge volume depending on the position of work component to coat. Moreover, it is high grade control.

Q. Is it possible to use in a danger zone?

A. Yes. Because of using explosion-proof motor, it is possible to use in a danger zone.

Q. How many spray guns can it supply at the same time?

A. It is possible to make a paint supply up to 8 guns at the same time.

Q. What is the maximum viscosity?

A. The maximum viscosity to supply the paint is approximately 30sec(NK-2) in case of standard type. Please ask us because it changes depending on the discharge volume.

Q. What is the product life of Syringe pump?

A. Although it changes depending on the paint or operation time, usually the life time is more than 10 years on condition of the normal maintenance.

Q. What is difference between Syringe pump and Gear pump?

A. Syringe pump is based on the principle of syringe, but on the either hand Gear pump is made by the mechanism in which the paint is sent by rotation of the two gears (the accuracy is much worse than that of the syringe). Although both pumps can supply quantitatively, TAKUBO's Syringe pump can control the volume in 1cc unit while Gear pump controls generally in 20cc. The degree of precise quantification is completely different.

Q&A about One cup System

Q. What is the feature of One cup system?

A. One cup system is the simple paint supply device developed to manage frequent color change and to reduce the cleaning time for the color change. Just setting of the dedicated paint cup with about 1 to 4 litters makes a precise quantitative supply to the robot. Receiving signals from the controller, the explosion-proof type syringe pump supply the paint in 1cc unit. Because of simple structure, cleaning work is very easy. We have named "One cup" expressing its simple and easiness. ※Trademark registered.

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Release date: July 4, 2017

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