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DRY TEC(Dedicated coating drying machine)

Questions and answers about DRY TEC, the dedciated drying machine for coating are described.

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Q&A about DRY TEC

Q. Is User safety education needed?

A. Qualified persons handling dangerous goods are required because of organic solvent such as paint. Furthermore, you need an organic solvent worker and a person responsible for drying equipment.

Q. How should we do Notification to fire department?

A. There are regulations on drying equipment related matters such as the PRTR Law (chemical substance emission instruction notification system), VOC emission regulation (volatile organic compound emission regulation), etc. in Japan. Because it might be subject to the regulations depending on the paint to use, please consult with the fire department of the jurisdiction or the municipal pollution division etc. Other relevant regulations include the Air Pollution Control Law, (Smoke Generation Facility, Atmospheric Designated Facility, Nitrogen Oxide Emission Facility), Noise Control Law, Vibration Regulation Law, Fire Service Law (Installation Notice of Fire Facilities etc.), Bad Odor Prevention Law, Building Standards Law (chimney with height exceeding 6 m from the ground surface), etc. In any notification, user has to do by himself. TAKUBO could give some advice or suggestions.(Japanease only)

Release date: July 3, 2017

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