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SWAN(Coating Robot)

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Independent type robot and W-Turn, both Takubo original, are combined. This is a compact coating robot system dedicated for R-Technology of Revolving Coating.

SWAN, Coating Robot System

Coating Robot SWAN

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Coating Robot SWAN
Coating Robot SWAN

SWAN is a coating robot dedicated for Revolving Technology "R-Technology", where the newly developed explosion-proof and independent-type robot and the high accuracy W-Turn are combined together, and is installed with all of the necessary equipments for coating. It is very suitable for Small-quantity and Multi-kind Production, but also it is also possible to manage Automation Operation. It is a coating robot system especially for small and middle size work pieces.

Compilation Robot of Revolving Coating

1.All of the necessary equipments is installed.

2.No need of big site construction works, but just setting and adjustment.

3.One-Cup system is equipped as standard to manage frequent color changes.

4.New Spray Gun has been developed dedicated for Revolving Coating (excellent in terms of Low pressure, Atomization, Even pattern, Maintenance and Coloring.

5.Combination with Explosion-proof Handling Robot (under development)


Coating Robot dedicated for Revolving Coating

  • High-grade coating is realized by Multi-layer and Thin-film Coating.
    SWAN, Coating Robot System dedicated for R-Technology
    SWAN, Coating Robot System dedicated for R-Technology
  • Two work jigs are coated at the same time.
  • Suitable also for 2-coating specifications such as Under Coating and Top Coating (Option: W-Gun X 2 sets)

Any kind of work piece is acceptable.

Wide range of acceptable work to coat
Wide range of acceptable work to coat
  • Suitable for various kinds of components from the small size work such as buttons, switches etc to bigger size such as outside mirror, some internal or external automotive parts and others.
  • Center Pillar of automotive external part, rather high component, is also acceptable.

Paint is to set by Cup

One-Cup System (Image)
One-Cup System (Image)
  • One-Cup system, originally developed, can make it easy to prepare paint setting and also can decrease waste consumption of the paint.
  • Syringe Pump built inside can control paint volume by 1 cc unit.

New Spray Gun dedicated for SWAN is equipped.

New Spray Gun dedicated for SWAN is equipped.
New Spray Gun dedicated for SWAN is equipped.

New Spray Gun dedicated for SWAN is equipped (suitable for 1-coating). It is also suitable for W-Gun type for 2-coating (OP).

Easy High-speed Cleaning

  • Quick Cleaner, cleaning system with high pressure is used for cleaning. It is easy and good in workability so that the inside of the hose is cleaned very quickly.
  • Frequent color change work with a lot of colors can be so much improved.

Easy setting and moving because of compact design

Compact Design
Compact Design

You can move and set easily by a hand lifter.


Standard Type of 1600

1600-Type Standard (Left) and 1200-Type Optional (Right)
1600-Type Standard (Left) and 1200-Type Optional (Right)

In accordance with work size and shape, you can choose a suitable moving range of robot to use.

  • SWAN 1600 Type: Standard
  • SWAN 1200 Type: Optional


Coating robot

Body Weight approx. 680kg  
Electric Capacity AC200V(3-phase),2.1kVA  
Pressurized Air Air Pressure:0.5MPa, Flow rate:400ℓ/min (Clean and dried air) 
Loadable capacity 5kg  
Max Gun to equip 4Gun  
Moving Speed 800mm/s(Axis No.1)  
Position repeat accuracy ±0.5mm  

W-Turn, Handling device

Loadable Capacity 5kg/table(4TOP), 10kg/table (2TOP)  
Distance between the tables 750mm  
Pitch of W-Turn Standard 1600mm (Option 1200mm)  
Rotation Speed of W-Turn 45deg/sec (180deg/4sec)  
Rotation Speed of Table ±200rpm  
Max Work Size Diameter:500mm, Height:500mm  
Motor Capacity W-Turn:200WPressure Resistant Explosion Proof Motor, Table:200WPressure Resistant Explosion Proof Motor  


Control axis number Robot: 4 axes, Work Rotation Device: 3 axes, Paint Supply Device: Max. 2 sets  
Teaching method PTP Control (with interpolation function), CP Control  
Teaching method By PC Package Program Dialog Type PACK Teaching, Selection of PTP Teaching 
Display Color Display 23.8 inches FHD  
Data saving method Flash Disk  
External saving method USB media  
Control Panel Weight approx. 200kg  

Up date:Apr. 2, 2015

SWANis a registered trademark of TAKUBO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.

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