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Coating method-2

Q&A about coating methods are described.

Q&A about Workpiece to coat

Q. What is the reason why TAKUBO's target is only for small size components?

A. Demand for the coating of small size components is high while the suitable coating equipment does not exist. TAKUBO is trying to pursue the dedicated coating robot and equipment for this Niche market.

Q. Is there any work component which is not suitable for the revolving coating?

A. NO, SOFTBOY PRO series and SWAN robot hardly have unsuitable workpieces to coat. We are always start thinking based on the revolving coating method in watching the shape of workpiece. Considering the height, depth, width and difficult positions to coat, we decides to select robot to use. We are adopting the revolving coating for almost all of the small and middle size work components.

Q. In case of big size component, what is the maximum size to coat?

A. The standard coating range for the revolving coating is φ500×H500. If the diameter is smaller, however, the height will be possible up to 900mm. Anyway, please ask us about the maximum range so that we could study watching the actual workpiece. We will be able to propose how to coat by robot with suitable jig design.

Q&A about Cost

Q. Please teach about relationship between appropriate booth size and motor capacity in order to reduce the cost.

A. Exhaust air amount is proportional to the booth width as well as exhaust fan size. So it is very important not to make the booth size bigger than required capacity in order to reduce energy costs.

Q. If we use bigger size circle jig to increase the productivity, will we be able to get any cost benefit ?

A. Bigger ring will not increase productivity (that is, no cost advantage). Making ring diameter bigger brings rather longer coating time, larger paint consumption volume and also require bigger equipment in proportion.

Q. What is the reason why the paint saving level of TAKUBO robot is much higher than that of usual coating robots?

A. The main purpose of the coating system design of TAKUBO ENGINEERING is to reduce the paint consumption, and it has been accomplished. We have developed all of the necessary equipment including spray gun, robot, paint supply device, the revolving coating technology, teaching software, and so on. So we have realized reduction of the coating cost by the high-grade control technology for all of the original developed equipment. Total combination of those equipment and technologies is the most important issue rather than individual one.

Q&A about Robot

Q. What is different from other coating robots to also adopt spindle coating?

A. TAKUBO ENGINEERING basically has a policy of engineering different from usual robot manufacturers. We are developing every kind of equipment involved in coating, that is the important advantage compared to other companies. TAKUBO robots are coating dedicated ones completely from others, and the difference comes from TAKUBO's total engineering mind.

Q. Is the coating robot explosion-proof?

A. All of the robots, syringe pumps, handling robots are explosion-proof specifications. It is standardized.

Q. What is the double turn (W-turn)?

A. W-turn is a transport device for work using high precision gear developed by TAKUBO ENGINEERING. Because of double table (both side jigs), operator can make preparation for next coating during the robot coating in order to realize collaboration work of the robot and the operator. The compact robot can improve also the workability.

Release date: July 4, 2017

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