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Q&A about coating methods are described.

Q&A about Revolving Coating

Q. Why does TAKUBO promote revolving coat now?

A. We had been studied for many years every kind of robot coating including one-piece coating by robot, mass-production netting (right-angle coating) and general spindle coating, and finally arrived at the revolving coating technology with turning circle jigs mounting multiple work pieces. The coating data results showed lower cost, higher quality, quicker coating time and much higher productivity. We are sure that this revolving coating method is the best solution to generate excellent performance in the current situation in which customer's requirement for coating quality and design property is becoming severer as well as paint prices are becoming more expensive and higher grade with the times.

Q. What is 「Chasing coating」? And What is 「Ambush coating」?

Net-coating and Revolving coating
Net-coating and Revolving coating

A. Robot coating is originally "Chasing coating" to coat fixed workpieces by moving the robot itself (for example, Netting is "Chasing coating"). On the other hand, the revolving coating of "Ambush coating" is to coat turning workpieces while ambushing . Because the actual spraying speed in the revolving coating becomes 3 times more than "Chasing coating", "Ambush coating" produces multi-layer and thin-film coating with very easy teaching so that "Thin, Quick, and Beautiful coating" performance becomes possible.

Q. How is the revolving coating method able to reduce paint consumption volume?

A. The first step to reduce the paint volume for coating production is to reduce the wasteful consumption. That is to eliminate the wasteful spraying. Control of the appropriate discharging volume (setting of atomizing and pattern) according to the positions of the turning workpieces makes it possible to reduce the wasteful consumption. "PACK TEACHING SOFT" is possible to control the discharging volume in 8 steps. Multi-layer and thin-film coating by the revolving coating realizes lower cost coating production. And furthermore, high-grade control of the original spray guns, the revolving mechanism, original robots, precise paint supply device and so on can contribute to such total energy and material saving.

Q. Why is the finishing performance of the revolving coating so good?

A. Because of multi-layer and thin -film coating with overwhelmingly many times of passing, that is the revolving "Ambush coating", the film performance becomes excellent. Thin-film by turning workpieces (in keeping a certain distance from gun) produces high-grade film performance. Of course, the automatic gun with low-pressure atomizing is also very important as well as the teaching software "PACK TEACHING" to control all of the items.

Q. What are the key equipment to support the revolving coating?

A. The revolving coating can be realized by combination with high-grade control of the key equipment such as the moving-type ceiling-suspended robot, SOFTBOY PRO series, the independent type robot, SWAN robot with cross motion bar, handling device with high-accuracy rotation mechanism, low-pressure atomizing SUKOTTI gun, the teaching software "PACK TEACHING", the precision quantitative paint supply device "SYRINGE PUMP system, OIL BOOTH and so on. As supporting software for the revolving coating, there are "DISK PACK" and "KEITAI PACK" other than "PACK TEACHING". "DISK PACK" is a dedicated software for the revolving coating to register the point in the depth direction (the center of the circle) so that it is very suitable for the horizontal placing workpiece. And "KEITAI PACK" is also a dedicated software to register the point in the height direction so that it is very suitable for mobile or smartphones placing vertically on the jig. Both software are very easy to use and to be able to eliminate complicated teaching work.

Q. How is the rotation speed (rpm) determined?

A. Jig diameter is to be set so that the peripheral velocity of the work outer diameter becomes around 3 meters/second. And then rotation speed is to be determined on the teaching software.

Q. How is the revolving coating method able to make the film thickness so even?

A. Even coating film can be produced by multi-layer and thin-film by turning workpieces in coating. Many times of coating such as 80 to 250 passing makes an excellent performance in general.

Q. What is the important point in jig design for the revolving coating?

A. Coating cost, finishing performance, coating time and other important items depend on the jig design. The design with arranging workpieces in a circle is to be determined in adding some inclination so that there is no waste motion of the robot. Arrangement with no (or little) wind noise in turning is the best.

Q&A about Teaching

Q. What is difference from other usual robot teaching?

Teaching by DATA PRO
Teaching by DATA PRO

A. In case of usual robot teaching, it is necessary to input robot language which is troublesome and difficult to understand. In the teaching of SOFTBOY PRO series or SWAN robot, the original developed and simplified input software, 「PACK TEACHING SOFT」 is used. Because of dedicated software for coating, it is very fulfilling and also the operation is very easy by using PC. .

Q. What is the reason why the robot teaching is so easy?

A. Different from usual method of robot language input, it is an easy way to input moving and spraying conditions on PC by the original developed "PACK TEACHING SOFT". In addition to such teaching-support software, the revolving coating technology "Ambush Coating" makes teaching work so easy. Only tracing by robot on turning workpieces provides a very easy and simple teaching basically. The answer is combination of the revolving coating "Ambush Coating technology and the original developed software "PACK TEACHING SOFT".

Q. How is the revolving coating method able to coat both front and back sides of the work component?

A. Both outside and inside of the workpieces can be coated by the teaching operation and the revolving jig design in which spray guns can get into the center of the jig circle easily. Devising a jig makes it possible to coat around the center of workpiece, and furthermore combination of masking jig can could make a coating of more complicated coating by the revolving coating method.

Q&A about Spray Gun

Q. Why is low-pressure atomizing required?

A. The reason why low-pressure atomizing is necessary for a good coating is that reduction of the paint consumption is required. Coating cost will get down if it is coating with little paint volume. In order to do that, automatic gun to be able to realize low-pressure atomizing is required. Also you need revolving jigs, teaching software, and combination work with robots.

Q. Is there any error of paint volume in case of supplying to multiple guns?

A. No. There is almost no error. Basically one cylinder supplies paint to one spray gun. High precision paint supply Syringe Pump and the controller to control the pumps produce accurate paint supply in 1cc unit with no error.

Q&A about Coating

Q. Is it possible to make Gradient paint?

A. Yes. Gradient paint is possible by combination of the revolving "Ambush Coating" technology, the low-pressure atomizing SUKOTTI Gun, Syringe Pump with precise paint supply control and the robot software "PACK TEACHING". .

Q. Is it possible to make Color coating by color clear after Vapor deposition?

A. Although it is very difficult, it is possible by precise discharge control. Multi-layer and thin-film by the revolving coating technology is a key factor.

Q. Is it possible to make the revolving coating for flat face components such as note PC and tablet PC?

A. Making even film thickness in horizontal placing coat was too difficult because the peripheral velocities of the outer and the center are different. Since we developed the dedicated software "DISK PACK", however, now it is possible. It is easily produced by input the outer start point, the center end point and the moving sped between the two points only.

Release date: July 4, 2017

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