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General of coating robot

Q&A about general of coating robot are described.

Q&A about General matters for Coating Robot

Q. Is TAKUBO's ceiling suspended robot able to load multiple guns?

Example of Super Spindle 300C with 8 guns
Example of Super Spindle 300C with 8 guns

A. In the ceiling suspended type robot of SOFTBOY PRO series, the accuracy of X-axis is very high with strong structure in horizontal direction. Taking the advantage of ceiling suspended type as much as possible, it is possible to load multiple guns. The loadable capacity of the robot is designed to load multiple guns with up to 8 guns.

Q. Is there a possibility that some dust fall down from the upper side of the robot?

A. No, it is designed not to make dust, and not to fall any dust so that the operation is very safe. Clean room will be able to improve the coating quality furthermore.

Q. How many kinds of robot does TAKUBO have?

A. Now we have 4 kinds of robot; 3 kinds of SOFTBOY PRO series with ceiling suspended type including LINE DANCER, and 1 kind of SWAN robot with independence type (4 types by station). In addition, we have the coating transfer device, COSWAN.

Q. How can we know the paint consumption volume?

Monitor screen for coating condition setting
Monitor screen for coating condition setting

A. After completion of teaching or coating test, the paint consumption is displayed on PC screen. Management of coating production is possible by our original developed teaching software

Q. Please teach about output method of the coating data.

A. It is very easy not only to make output of tacking data by USB but also to read it. Reproducibility of the coating is very high. Sharing the coating data among different factories will be also possible by some easy adjustment if they use SOFTBOY PRO series robots. Quality stabilization among the factories located all over the world can become possible.

Q. What is the loadable capacity?

A. The maximum weight is 5kg for the standard type. For your information, we have the 2-top W-turn type of SWAN robot, which is suitable to load heavy components such as automotive wheel.

Q. What is difference between Ceiling suspended robot and Balance arm robot (independence type)?

Balance-arm type robot system (left) and Ceiling-suspended type robot system (right)
Balance-arm type robot system (left) and Ceiling-suspended type robot system (right)

A. Ceiling suspended robot is really suspended at the ceiling of the booth, on the other hand, balance arm robot is set in front of the booth. In other words, suspended type and independence type The suspended type robot has a function to move in horizontal direction. That is why it is called Suspended Moving type Robot. It is the world new coating robot mechanism and also TAKUBO's original developed one.

Q. Is it easy to make a paint condition setting?

A. We are sure that now this is the easiest way compared to other coating robots. Usual robot is based on robot language to input, that is necessary to make complicated (maniac) operation. On the other hand, making a paint conditions is very easy because the original pack software is designed to use in SOFTBOY PRO series and SWAN robot.

Release date: July 4, 2017

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