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Q&A about INK JET are described.

Q&A about Ink

Q. What kind of ink is DOT-LON?

DOT-LON, Hybrid Coating Ink
DOT-LON, Hybrid Coating Ink

A. This is a Solventless top coating ink for ink jet with hard coat property and scratch resistance. It can give a thick film of 80μm with a good surface hardness (H in case of 40μm thickness on PC material basis). It is easy to handle with low odor and also the design visibility and appearance are improved very much. It is a no waste coating by on-demand because it can be coated as discharge area by image treatment.

Q. What is the feature of the dedicated UV Ink for INK JET?

A. The decoration ink of YMCKW has a function suitable for High-sped and High-definition drawing. The curing method is LEDUV. The finish keeps smoothness. The W (White) ink is possible to use for decoration and base coating.

Q. What is difference between Original Ink and Conventional general Ink?

A. TAKUBO is developing an original ink according to the customer's requirement of products and coating performance in case of response other than line up. We are trying to approach from the both sides of Ink jet with Ink and coating technology. In such a case, Non-disclosure agreement will be required.

Q&A about Jet Design

Q. Is it possible to make a film or to draw on work piece which is not flat?

Example for curved surface decoration of Jet Design
Example for curved surface decoration of Jet Design

A. According to the requirement from customers about shape or appearance, we are proposing the most appropriate construction and control methods by our careful study. If necessary, we will be study furthermore about pre-treatment, dedicated ink and robot specifications (in this case, NDA will be required).

Q. Is it possible to buy Jet Design System directly from TAKUBO?

A. TAKUBO can diectly discuss with you, make a planning, presentation and schedule of trial. And finally TOSHIBA MACHINE ENGINEERING will sell the machine. That is, TAKUBO produces Jet Design and Jet Line icluding project planning with AL-LON Ink. As a business partner, TOSHIBA MACHINE ENGINEERING sells them to the customers

Q. Is it possible to buy the dedicated Ink directly from TAKUBO?

A. Direct sales is possible, but only for the users of Jet Design and Jet Line

Q. Is coating demonstration possible?

A. Due to our condition making circumstances and confidentiality, we are not doing coating demonstration. Firstly only TAKUBO is making initial test without attendance of the customer and then we are showing the finished work. But now we are under development of the environment to make demonstration.

Q. Is it possible to take an operation training for Jet Design?

A. We are giving operation training before setting the machine. We have some training courses for operator or engineer (various settings).

Q. Is it necessary to take legal notification or any permission in order to use Jet Design?

A. It is not especially required. We will confirm it also in detailed examination.

Q. What is difference between Jet Design and Jet Line?

A. Jet Design is a High-speed Decoration (YMCKW) system of ink jet with LEDUV. And Jet Line is a UV Top Coating system of ink jet.

Q. What is usage and scope of Jet Design?

A. We are managing trial or production of mainly resin products (ABS or PC) or cloth products. Especially the high-speed decoration function can make it from input of image to output on the product in seconds. Therefore, the cycle speed of verification and correction is made so quickly that it is very useful for product development, design development and on-demand in production. It can be used as inline system by installation just after Injection molding machine.

Q&A about Jet Line

Q. What is difference from other company's ink jet machines?

A. Our concept is to supply an integrated system in the user process with high quality and high speed (in seconds) decoration conscious of the cycle time in the manufacturing process, which has not been found in conventional ink jet machine. Combination of original motion control with linearity and ink jet technologies can realize high-speed, high-precious, adhesion and smoothness. Flexible jig design space and insert of products with height are possible. White under-coat, high-speed over coating of decoration and structure decorating the surface with concavity and convexity decoration are also available. As coating system, it contributes to improvement of appearance of coated surface in keeping protection functions of hard coating properties and scratch resistance, which is not possible in conventional ink jet machine.

Q. Is it possible for TAKUBO to make engineering of pre-treatment such as under-coating before Inkjet coating?

A. Our business feature is that TAKUBO can provide customers with not only single device but also proposal of basic process development including the most appropriate engineering support, design and ink development. We will be managing necessary pre-treatment and also consultation about dedicated under-coat. We can manage automation of equipment, transportation, environment construction, post-process (heating), and hybrid with coating robot. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

Release date: July 4, 2017

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