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KEITAI PACK(Teaching software for Smart phone and Mobile phone)

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【KEITAI PACK】 is a teaching software to aim an automated teaching work for the height (Y coordinate) in the revolving coating. This robot coating support software eliminates any robot language input work and realizes high-grade coating in keeping cost down.

Revolving coating work for mobile phones and smart phones becomes so easy by【KEITAI PACK】

【KEITAI PACK】is a software to specialize in mobile phones and smart phones.
【KEITAI PACK】is a software to specialize in mobile phones and smart phones.

Teaching support software to make the revolving coating work very easy, in which mobile phones, smart phones or communication equipment etc. are placed vertically on a circle jig. It is possible to make a basic revolving coating operation only by registration of the total 4 points including center, up and down.

Teaching software for smart phones and mobile phones,【KEITAI PACK】

Setting of reference positions

Screen for reference position setting, KEITAI PACK Coating
Screen for reference position setting, KEITAI PACK Coating

KEITAI PACK Coating is to make a revolving coating operation in setting work components on a circle jig with vertical placement. Only registration of PTP or some numerical values for the height direction (Y coordinate) makes the coating operation possible.

Setting 4 points of center, top and under.

  • CENTER 1:Setting the position before start.
  • CENTER 2:Setting the middle point of the work height. At the same time, the gun distance is registered.
  • POINT 1:Setting the top.
  • POINT 2:Setting the under of the work.

Setting by remote-control or value-input

Setting can be made by both teaching pendant and value-input on PC. When you get used to this software, you input rough values first and then fine-tune so that you could advance the work very much. Of course you could make a remote teaching by teaching pendant sensuously and quickly. In any case, information about the robot positions is displayed in numerical values, and also you can edit them.

Registration / Revision

Control screen after setting
Control screen after setting

If you want to revise, you will be able to directly change the values just on the screen. You can directly edit the parameters (values) so that you do not need to make a new registration or to edit the data again in taking the existing registered data. Teaching work time and labor can be significantly reduced.

Gun distance setting

Regarding gun distance setting, we basically recommend 10mm as initial value. Adjustment starting from this value will make it possible to reduce the useless paint consumption.

Work size input

It is not a size of the jig but a size of work piece to input. In case of revolving coating with vertical placement, the length means the appearance height direction.

Image input

In order to easily recognize which work component the coating data is, you can save image picture etc. with its data.


Coating data list display
Coating data list display

Registration with pictures makes management of coating data very easy and also a new registration very quick. It is very useful to improve the workability and to have the coating film traceability, too.

List management

  • Registration of pictures makes coating data management much easier.
  • It is possible to reuse the coating data (re-coating of old model). Reproduction of condition setting is also quickly possible.
  • You can reuse and share the data for TAKUBO’s robots such as SOFTBOY series and LINE DANCER by saving the data in external media


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