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Intelligent Coating Robot System

The SOFTBOY PRO coating robot system delivers consistent quality at low cost by monitoring the coating process, coating thickness, and coating material while maintaining an optimal work environment.


SOFTBOY PRO delivers consistent quality by monitoring the coating process, coating thickness, and coating material while maintaining an optimal work environment. It provides the ultimate in coating technology.



A robot system designed expressly for coating applications.

This is the industry’s first ceiling-suspended system that incorporates all equipment necessary for coating in a single unit. It is a compact robot system developed as a comprehensive solution to issues of quality, cost, and control.

Why is SOFTBOY PRO the answer for today?

Ideal for today’s cost competitive times.

TAKUBO Coating Comparison  per Mobile Phone Handset Unit
TAKUBO Coating Comparison per Mobile Phone Handset Unit

A winning combination of quality and cost to meet the demands of international competition. The SOFTBOY PRO coating system is a comprehensive solution that meets today’s needs.
TAKUBO supports manufacturers who want to compete internationally with robot system technology developed specifically for coating applications.

What can you do with SOFTBOY PRO?

Coating results close to perfection.

TAKUBO enables you to eliminate coating material waste and lower costs while achieving high quality and environmentally friendly operation.
All settings, such as spray volume, atomizing pressure, pattern pressure, are input as numeric values. Rather than relying on intuition and trial-and-error, this robot system provides precise numerical control.
In addition, it employs “R-technology” that lets you mount multiple work pieces on a jig at once, rotate multiple jigs, and coat them all simultaneously.
Now it is possible to achieve high quality at low cost and coat many types of work pieces, including mobile communications devices, switches and buttons, or car interior and exterior parts.

What is the future of SOFTBOY PRO?

Pursuing a digital future.

System solutions that use communication technology to allow sharing of data between robots, remote monitoring systems, and more.
The digitization of coating applications is proceeding with the construction of linked systems that allow all processes, from coating presentation through production, to be integrated.

System Configuration

Systems can be expanded and can flexibly meet a range of requirements. A compact system might consist of a SOFTBOY PRO coating robot, an OIL BOOTH, and a coating supply unit. Later, a DRYTEC or ultraviolet exposure unit could be added to the production line, if needed.
Please refer to the SUPER SPINDLE 300C page for more information on our coating systems.

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