Product Information

Data creation

Structure of our original teaching software to aim coating data creation and improvement of the data management efficiency

Improvement of the robot teaching efficiency

Robot teaching without any programming languages

PACK teaching software, TAKUBO ENGINEERING Original Teaching Software, is equipped in the coating robots of SOFTBOY PRO series. Because any input by robotic programming language is not required, this is an extremely easy software, in which you register only the points of S (Start point), W (Return point (spray width)), and D (Depth point (size of the plane face).

Easy point registration with only 2 to 4 points

Operability of teaching

Operation by PC

  • Easy data copy & paste
  • Easy data management
  • Registration of work pictures and record of coating conditions
  • ※One group can hold 500 data
  • ※Up to 21 groups are available
  • ※Data capacity: Flash media of 4G is attached as standard equipment

Easy track data creation by point-registration

Teaching mode / Create new screen
Teaching mode / Create new screen

In usual robot teaching, you have to register each point one by one for track so that the robot could orbit by connecting the point and the point with a straight line. In case of TAKUBO ENGINEERING robots, on the other hand, only 3-point registration can create track data with this PACK teaching software.

3-point teaching

Painting plane is settled by inputting the 3 points, which are S (Start point) to start coating, W (Return point, direction of coating) to set the coating width and D point to set size of the coating plane, in the 3-point teaching. In case that W point is the same position as D point, it is recognized as a straight line instead of a flat surface.
Although this 2-point teaching is mostly used in creating spindle coating data, 3-point teaching is necessary for coating with curves because of coating direction.

4-point teaching

4-point teaching is used to coat the surface such as trapezoid or diamond. There is a restriction about track type, that is, only 2 selection of straight line or zigzag coating. It is not used for revolving coating.

Variety of motion types

Motion type screen
Motion type screen

Various programming menus, including gun swing of spray gun, straight line, right angle and zigzag of robot track, are prepared. Motion with right angle or zigzag will be selected according to the work shape such as unevenness condition or many flat parts.

3 robot track types from straight line to curve

  • Straight line: Selection in Right angle or Zigzag, with Gun swing or without Gun swing or Special
  • Polygonal line: Selection in Right angle or Zigzag, with Gun swing or without Gun swing or Special
  • Curve: Selection in Right angle or Zigzag, with Gun swing or without Gun swing or Special

Specification of pitch

3-point teaching
3-point teaching

In this case, Pitch means repetition. Pitch interval means a distance of repeat intervals. Therefore, only input of a value in Pitch will calculate interval until D point (depth point) so that the same motion is repeated automatically.

SW interval

Distance displayed in SW interval indicates the distance between S point and W point which are inputted in 3-point teaching.

WD interval

It indicates the distance between the two points of W and D.

P (Pitch interval)

Width of the dotted lines is indicated.


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