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R-08T Automatic Gun 2008

Sukotti Gun Series

The R-08T automatic gun, part of the Sukotti gun series, is available with a nozzle and needle of either standard stainless steel or high-durability titanium. You can select the options that best match the coating material and the production environment.(Not for sale)
R-08T-SA Gun
R-08T-SA Gun

The R-08T-SA gun, part of the Sukotti gun series, is an automatic two-stage retractable model featuring automatic needle position adjustment between the discharge and washing positions and was designed specifically for use with the Softboy Pro. It delivers excellent ultrafine atomization at low pressure and is a sophisticated automatic gun combining compact size, light weight, and high durability.

R-08T-SA Gun
R-08T-SA Gun
R-08T-TA Gun
R-08T-TA Gun

The R-08T-TA gun features a nozzle and needle made of abrasion-resistant tungsten. In durability tests conducted by Takubo, tungsten nozzles and needles have been shown to be three times as long-lasting as their stainless steel counterparts, withstanding over 3 million spraying cycles as opposed to 500,000 to 1 million cycles.


  • Ease of maintenance remains the same. The needle position can be changed automatically to the cleaning position for easier cleaning.
  • The air cap design reduces air consumption and enables more stable low-pressure ultrafine atomization.
  • The gun body is made of polyacetal plastic (POM), making it very lightweight.
  • The air cap position can be adjusted 90° vertically and horizontally, so there is no need to make adjustments during mounting.
  • More than three times as durable as stainless steel (R-08T-TA gun)

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions 35 mm × 35 mm × 97.7 mm
Weight 230
Product number T20GR08T-SA, T20GR08T-TA  
Nozzle diameter 1.0 mm  
Air cap No. 81  
Needle operating pressure Discharge: 250 to 400 kPa  
Extra air Cleaning: 400 kPa  
Body material Polyacetal plastic (POM)  
Supported coating materials Solvent-based, water-based  
Air consumption Atomizing pressure: 70 L/min. (100 mPa)  
Pattern pressure: 75 L/min. (100 mPa)  
Spray distance 80 to 120 mm  
Air use volume 280 L/min. (300 kPa)  
Coating material discharge volume 20 to 80 mL/min.  
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