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Q&A regarding Spray Gun

Q. What is the reason why spray gun is not connected directly with hose?

Sukotti Gun maintenance
Sukotti Gun maintenance

A. The reasons are to eliminate the factors to cause dust defect and also to make Desorption of spray gun easy in the maintenance work. Because spray gun needs always daily maintenance, it is designed that spray gun is not connected directly with hose.

Q. Is there any variation of air caps?

A. We have several kinds of air cap depending on usage. Air cap is required to use properly according to the application including paint specifications or work shape or necessary film thickness. In order to pursue coating, selection of the most appropriate air cap for each coating production is necessary.

Q. Are TAKUBO's automatic guns originally developed?

A. Our guns are designed specially for the revolving coating. This dedicated design including special design of air cap structure aims saving of the coating cost and also realization of the most suitable coating production for the paint.

Q. What kind of features does Sukotti Gun have?

Compact Design Sukotti Gun
Compact Design Sukotti Gun

A. Our original automatic guns have been developed exclusively for SOFTBOY series robots or SWAN robot. One of the biggest features is to be low pressure and excellent atomizing with stable pattern, and also compact size so that gun maintenance is very easy. It is suitable for every kind of paint. It is our design and development policy that the function of low-pressure atomizing is necessary to make a low cost coating production.

Q. How is the weight?

A. Although it depends on the model, the weight is approximately from 150g to 250g. We are trying to make it much smaller and more compact in keeping low-pressure atomizing.

Q. How often should we make a cleaning maintenance for the air cap?

A. Although it depends on the paint, we recommend users to clean once a half day in case of manual cleaning or once a day after the daily work. Because the design is so simple, it is very easy to make a maintenance work. Air cap maintenance is necessary work for coating so that you need to do it. TAKUBO could introduce automatic cleaning system in addition to manual maintenance.

Q. What is the replacement interval of the gun needle?

A. It depends on the paint to use, but in general it is possible to keep using it for about half to one year. In case of the paint with aggregate material or something like that, however, you should carefully check it because the paint might wear the body.

Release date: July 4, 2017

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